Why is each month’s coffee a surprise?

Because each month we want to expose you to something you would have never expected.

We know that the tasty coffee will leave your face looking like this…

We also know that you will appreciate being able to log back into Coffee Match and learn more about the beans and the region of the world they come from.

Sometimes we forget what it feels like to be surprised – no matter how big or small – it’s something that changes your day & makes it a bit more interesting.

Coffee Match’s monthly coffee surprise exposes you to new favors from our international suppliers. It is awesome because everyone who is signed up for that month gets the same coffee. You are sharing a cup of coffee with the world.

The Coffee Match Panel tells you everything you want to know about the coffee bean. Is it Organic? Fair Trade? What region of the world does it come from? And other interesting tid bits!

Share a cup with the world each month and learn about new places at the same time.


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