The Age of the Conscious Consumer


I am sure you might have heard about the Horse Meat scandal in europe right now. If not, this might shock you.

But the question is – should you really be shocked & surprised? Ask yourself – what relationship do you have with the food & products you consume everyday? Do you know where its made, who makes it, how its made? Most likely- the answer is no to most of those questions.

What do we really know about our food? Most people nothing…. Here are the results of a recent survey  taken in London about people & their knowledge about the food they consume.

What the survey highlights is that many people have a very basic understanding of the things they consume. Take ‘bacon’ for example – “More than a third of 16 to 23-year-olds (36%) do not know bacon comes from pigs” – now we are not talking about detailed knowledge of food processing, we are talking about linking popular items in every grocery store to the animal it originated from.

The important message here is that this a clear WAKE UP CALL for everyone to become more conscious about what we consume – it does have a substantial impact on our health & well-being. If we don’t care about our food, what do we really care about?

At Coffee Match we believe we are entering the Age of the Conscious Consumer.

We want to start with a beverage that is consumed by more than 3 billion people around the world everyday – helping answer basic questions like how is it made? where does it come from? who makes it?

Our mission is to instill a new mentality among consumers – supporting this change is at the foundation of Coffee Match. We are working to build honest and transparent relationships with farmers around the world.


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