Why start a company about coffee?

coffee bagsWhen I let family & friends know that I’m starting a company about coffee – I often got asked the question – “why coffee?” We both have a extensive backgrounds in tech, startups, & all that good stuff – so why start a company that wasn’t using a sophisticated algorithm or a NLP or big data to solve the worlds most complex problems? Because we realized ultimately people are passionate about very specific things in life – it often revolves around something they part take in everyday – whether its going to the gym, watching a movie, finding new restaurants or meeting with friends to socialize. We wanted to find a way to help people extend their passion in a creative way that makes it simple & easy. What better way to start than Coffee? It’s the most consumed beverage in the world & the most heavily traded commodity after Oil. However, along the process of starting this company – doing the research, the work, & putting in extensive hours to try to find some of the most unique & refined coffee beans in the world – we’ve stumbled upon something bigger.

A way to connect people with unique cultures & people around the world through coffee. You are not just subscribing to a certain amount of coffee delivered each month – but your subscribing to learn about a unique & interesting country, culture, & of course – a coffee farm from around the world. Our vision is to make this an experience about learning, finding, & discovering coffee with others.

Hope you enjoy your first batch of coffee.


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