Filter Coffee and Chicory in South India

In India, particularly the South, coffee is prepared entirely differently from anywhere else in the world and served in unique steel vessel known as a tumbler. Indian coffee, known colloquially as filter coffee, is made through a metal coffee filter and owes its particular taste to the addition of the chicory plant, which enhances the flavor of the coffee, and the ample quantities of sugar and boiled milk.


Typically, due to the extremely hot temperatures at which coffee is served, many coffee salesmen are also experts at pouring the coffee between two vessels–the tumbler and the dabarah–to cool it off. The pour also serves the purpose of evenly mixing in the sugar as well as aerating the coffee to create foam. This pour, which requires skill and balance, is performed at longer distances, leading to the alternate name “meter coffee.”

Indian Man Skillfully Pours Hot Coffee

Ultimately, the product is frothy, sweet and undoubtedly worth sampling.



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